Paul Mustone
Founder, President of Reflex Lighting Group
John Godek
Vice President
Neil Kimball
Vice President of Operations


Keith Waterhouse
Chief Financial Officer
Kerin McGonagle
Marketing & Sales Coordinator
Caitlin Moyer
Senior Accountant
Kevin Pickette
Warehouse Manager

Design & Specification

Amy Mulligan
Architectural Lighting Specialist
Kaylynn Levasseur
Specification Sales Support


Glen Costello
Senior Quotations Specialist
Andrew Murray
Senior Quotations Specialist
Laura Boehler
National Accounts & Energy
Jared DiMichele
Commercial Quotations


Mina Tandun
CSR, Distributor Sales
Patty Reed
Customer Service
Amy Smith
Lead Specification Project Manager
Desiree Edge
Specification Project Manager
Padraig Doyle
Lead Lighting Controls Engineer
Victoria Bonney
Project Management Team Leader
Diego Gonsalvez
Applications Engineer, Control Systems
Shikhar Kumar
Applications Engineer, Controls Systems
Jessica Woods
Project Manager
Jamie Orr
Project Manager

Sales Team

Carlos Alonso-Niemeyer
Senior Sales Specification
Brianna Cosgrove
Senior Specfication Sales
John Hasson
Senior Specification & Energy Sales
Joshua Levine
Specification Sales
Collin Thomas
Senior Specification Sales
Bob Cusson
Contractor & Specification Sales
Dave Fitzpatrick
Senior Commercial Sales
Rich Trabucco
Vice President Business Development, Specification & Contractor Sales Executive
Carlene Geraci
Specification Sales
Tony Gargas
Distributor Sales
Paul Grossman
Distributor Sales
Sara Grossman
Specification / Distributor Sales
Lisa Hayes
Distributor Sales
Janet Bell
Specification Sales
Paul Rodenbush
Vice President of Sales
Jay Cormier
Specification Sales
Ed Colombo
Senior Outside Sales
Matt Fallon
Contractor Sales