A Brief Conversation with Cara Morano, Reflex Lighting's Director of Enterprise Sales

A Brief Conversation with Cara Morano, Reflex Lighting's Director of Enterprise Sales



Cara, what’s your role at Reflex Lighting?

My role is to help business owners light their building for less money while improving the comfort and aesthetic experience of the folks using the space. This process can mean involving many or all of our resources, from our vast network of design/engineering firms, to contractors, and electrical distributors. With all the advancements in technology around building usage, lighting, controls, and energy consumption, my job is to provide an integrated approach to help the building owner navigate their choices. In the end of course, it’s about helping them optimize the use of their space and improve their bottom line. 

What experience do you bring to the table?

I’ve worked in sales and business development for several energy-related companies, both manufacturers and service providers. That’s where I learned how to think holistically about the impact of lighting and the use of space on the business, the buildings, and the occupants. For example, if the proper lighting and/or controls can increase the productivity of a business by even just 1% the impact on the bottom line to the business can be extraordinary. So my experience with large scale lighting and controls projects along with a background in solar energy and as a financial advisor helps me understand the building owners desire to make their buildings work for them in every way.

What’s the biggest challenge you face?

The biggest challenge I see today is misinformation. Building owners are inundated with the latest and greatest technology and sleek presentations loaded with complex financial analyses and ROIs trying to convince them to do this or that. To help them make a well informed decision, my objective is to fully understand what they are trying to achieve with that building in a way that really helps their bottom line. That could mean a simple fixture with an integrated occupancy sensor or a fully customizable, wired or wirelessly deployed IP sensor/lighting solution that integrates with the buildings systems and outputs reams of data for space use. It’s an exciting time to be in this evolving industry, but making sure we meet and exceed our customers’ needs is always priority one.

Why Reflex Lighting?

Ultimately Reflex Lighting is a knowledge-based service business. We represent over 120 manufacturers for lighting and controls and have deep relationships with architects, designers, contractors, and electrical distributors, so that we can deliver real and meaningful results for the building owner. I feel like a kid in a candy store with all the resources, products and services I can offer. You know, making decisions about your real estate or leased space can make or break a company. It’s serious, it’s big money, and with Reflex Lighting, I know I can truly make a positive impact.

Cara Morano

We’re pleased to announce that Cara Morano has joined Reflex Lighting as their Director of Enterprise Sales. Cara has served in sales and business development for a number of energy-based companies in both solar and lighting controls, including Redwood Systems, Solyndra, Carlisle Energy Services, and Borrego Solar. Earlier in her career, she provided, investment advisory services and financial planning for MetLife and GE Capital.

Cara comes to Reflex Lighting with a deep understanding of the full range of issues involved in investment decisions where energy efficiency is a critical factor. We’re confident that this unique knowledge base will make her a valuable resource to building owners and our customers.

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