• Reflex offers total solutions for lighting control projects spanning from design to project completion.
  • The proper specification and design of a lighting control system can save a large amount of time, effort and money for you and your customer.
  • Reflex offers the Design community a true partner to collaborate with through the design and specification phases of a Lighting Control Project. To include…
    • Takeoff and Design services
    • Pre written specifications
    • Order of operation and intent of system reviews
    • Commissioning and Troubleshooting services
  • Representing different manufactures allows us to provide multiple solutions to your project. This allows Reflex to offer a perfectly tailored solution to your lighting control needs.
  • Reflex will be your for partner for life, providing product and services to maintain all your control and lighting needs.


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  • Eaton
    • Fifth Light: Distributed addressable DALI lighting control products and solutions 
    • Greengate: Stand-alone panels, occupancy sensors, emergency control panels and wall switch sensors 
    • iLumin: Architectural dimming panels and interfaces 
  • Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC): Full control systems specializing in Lighting Control Solutions
  • Inverter Systems, Inc: Full line of Central Power Systems
  • Lehigh Theatrical: Theatrical and Full Dimming Systems 


When it comes to lighting controls, getting it right is all about the details.  We make sure you get the details right.

Paul Cicchetti 
Vice President of Controls


Matt Sheridan 
Specification Controls


Matt has been in the electrical industry for 25 years starting as an Electrical Systems Specialist for the USAF. He is a licensed electrician has worked in electrical contracting and manufacturing fields for his entire career. He is your point of contact for all specification, design, layout, takeoff and VE needs.

Manuel Guerrero 
Application Engineer


Manuel has been in the lighting industry for more than ten years. He started his career as field specialist for Sylvania Lighting Services at New York City. Few years later, he decided to open his own successful lighting services company. After few years in service, he was embraced by Acuity Brands Controls for more than four years as applications engineer – controls division. Manuel is the internal moving engine that with state of art and white glove will be glad to serve you each and every day in all your Lighting Controls Systems needs.


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