Donald Jack

Distributor & Contractor Sales

I have been in the Electrical Industry since 1990. After graduating from Bethel High School, I attended Henry Abbott Technical School and graduated with an electrical degree. I became an E-2 licensed electrician in 1999. I was very fortunate to work in the field on residential, commercial and industrial projects. I have many years’ experience in sales including running my own business, working as a mortgage consultant and as a regional manager in the hospitality industry for Holiday Inn.


I started with Reflex Lighting in the summer of 2011. It has changed my life. This has been the best job throughout my career, hands down. My day to day schedule is never the same and is always exciting and rewarding. I work with the best team of people including my colleagues in the field, our support staff in the office (the foundation of our business) and my mentors/bosses. My job entails working with Distributors and Contractors on all levels which includes product training, working in the field, job layouts, design builds and so much more.


Reflex Lighting Group of Connecticut is not just another Lighting Representative Company. It is built upon decades of experience, knowledge, customer focus and the passion of treating every client like family.