Janice Huntley

Vice President

I was really excited by the opportunity to join the Reflex Lighting Group. Vito Costantiello, who became Vice President of Reflex Connecticut in 2010,  was a colleague of mine at Rexel-CLS, and I’ve always had the greatest respect for his professionalism and his work ethic. The chance to work with Vito again and be part of the unique Reflex culture—that was a combination I just couldn’t pass up.

Looking back, it seems to me that I’ve been preparing for this role for most of my life. At Rexel-CLS I was the Operations Manager for National Accounts, and after that I served as Sales & Marketing Coordinator and then VP of Sales & Marketing for Electrix Illuminations.  In both companies I was also asked to take on a wide range of other responsibilities—from customer service and project management to running all back office and administrative functions. You can also add a decade of customer service experience at AT&T to the mix.

And along with my work experience, there’s my lifelong passion for sports and fitness. As a kid I played virtually every sport I could. I even tried—unsuccessfully— to get my mother and high school football coach to let me try out for the football team.  It’s not just the competition that I love about sports, it’s the special pleasure you get from working as hard as you can with a group of other people— all of you committed to pushing yourselves harder and harder so you can finally achieve something important. As an adult, I still get that same pleasure from my intensive fitness program and my work as a fitness instructor, but I also look for it at work. Reflex, with its “work hard, play hard” approach and its constant focus on delivering the best possible service to every customer—that’s like a Dream Team for me.