Paul Carenza

Specification Outside Sales

I was drawn to the lighting business in 1975 when I began my career with Lighting Systems Inc. Through the years I covered all aspects of the business, quoting, and distributor and contractor sales. Additionally, I was responsible for calling on Architects, Interior Designers and Electrical Engineers. By being an active leader in these roles within Lighting Systems Inc. I developed a passion and dedication to the business that opened my eyes to the exponential growth within not only the lighting industry, but Lighting Systems Inc. as a company. Working within this business from the ground up has been very rewarding and has offered me a very important lesson in my career: with growth comes change.

After 34 years, Lighting Systems Inc. made its’ transition to Reflex Lighting. I was eager to embrace this change and contribute to the evolution of the business. With my knowledge of the wide variety of lighting products available today, I can confidently assist customers in making purchasing decisions to best suit their needs.


Today my primary responsibility is communicating with and calling on the specification community to assist them in writing specifications as well as educating them with the ever-changing technology in the lighting industry.  It is not only my job, but my passion and dedication to Reflex Lighting, to ensure delivery of quality products that exceed the expectations of customers’ satisfaction.