Our Story

Since April 1, 1981, when Paul Mustone founded Reflex, lighting technology has changed dramatically, and we’ve changed with it. Our line card has expanded exponentially, offering customers an extraordinary range of leading edge products. Our business model has also evolved,  with greatly enhanced consultative services and a knowledge-based value proposition.

We’ve invested deeply in making ourselves a go-to resource for “green” lighting solutions. That includes building a best in class infrastructure, with a state of the art Boston facility and sophisticated modeling, rendering, and auto-cad technology. We’ve also established offices outside of Boston, because our customers work on projects all across New England and we want to be right there to help.

And most important of all, we’ve built a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to doing whatever it takes to solve your lighting challenge, no matter what that may be.

About Us

Reflex is the largest lighting agent in New England.

Our partnerships with over 90 leading manufacturers enable us to bring to market the most advanced lighting technology. Our unmatched selection of lighting products allows us to help architects and designers create lighting systems that are as energy efficient and cost effective as they are pleasing to the eye. We help contractors with every aspect of lighting implementation—from budgeting and bidding to on-site planning and installation— and provide distributors with the products, services, and knowledge they need to better serve their customers.

All of which comes down to this: whatever it takes, when it comes to lighting, we help make it happen.





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