John Godek

Vice President

We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and over that time we’ve had to constantly develop new knowledge, resources, and systems to meet the very different needs of distributors, national accounts, and specifiers—which in turn has enabled us to build strong relationships across all of those channels so that we can take a manufacturer’s products to market much more effectively.


At the same time, we’ve done our best not to let maturity lead to complacency. We’re not afraid to change gears to find better ways of getting the job done—and we invest constantly in talented, high energy people who can keep us from falling into a “business as usual” mindset. 


Finding those people—and keeping them—isn’t easy. Working at Reflex is not for everyone. With lighting technology changing so fast, and with the wide array of manufacturers, customers, and projects we handle, everyone on our staff is constantly under the gun to learn more and know more. The pace here is intense, and you can feel the sense of urgency just by walking through our office. 


Given the challenges, it’s no wonder that our ability to attract and develop top talent makes us the envy of our competitors. That talent is what keeps us fresh; it’s what allows us to treat every customer and every partner as our most important customer or partner; it’s what drives our success and the success of those we represent.