Paul Mustone

Founder, President of Reflex Lighting Group

From the day we opened the doors at Reflex Lighting, my goal was to build a very special company—a company where “excellence” is more than an empty word—a company where everyone is absolutely committed to winning.

My vision of what an organization should be was definitely influenced by my time in the Marine Corps, where each individual is expected—and enabled—to develop his or her full potential, where everyone works together so effectively that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, and where performance is the ultimate metric.

I believe we’ve built that kind of organization here at Reflex. We’ve attracted people with backgrounds and skills unique to our industry, and encouraged them to grow by stepping outside their comfort zone. We’ve invested in innovative ideas like our Architecture Call Center and Spectrum Showroom to bring our business closer to our partners and customers—and created a “culture of engagement” that keeps all of us focused day in and day out on delivering more than we promise.

We’re all very proud of the results—our 25 years of revenue growth, our #1 market share, our ability to attract the most sophisticated manufacturers and introduce the most innovative new lighting technologies. Most of all, we’re very proud of our ability to satisfy the most discerning clients, no matter how challenging the project.

So—welcome to Reflex. We invite you to meet our team, and see for yourself what makes us different.